Piano for Pleasure: Favourite classics, Popular, Film, TV, etc.
Easiest Tune Books
Franklin Pike Easy Tune Book of Incidental Music Book 2 Easy Ashdown £1.10
Franklin Pike the Easiest Tune Book of Flowers easy Ashdown £3.00
Franklin Pike The EasiestTune Book of Country Dances Easy Ashdown £2.50
Franklin Pike Easiest Tune book of Marches Ashdown £2.50
Mc Carthy, arr. Nobody knows the trouble I seen jazzy style Cool Music £2.99
Smith, Gail Gospel Piano Made Easy Easy Mel Bay £6.75
Various Sacred Pianist Easy Mel Bay £2.55
Franklin Pike Easist Tune Book of Negro Spirituals and American Plantations Songs easy Ashdown £0.65
Nursery Rhymes
Franklin Pike Easiest Tune Book of Nursery Rhymes Easy Ashdown £3.50
Eleanor Franklin Pike, arr. Easiest Tune Book of Singing Games, The Ashdown £2.50
Traditional The Nursery Rhyme Book Easy AMSCO £5.99
Traditional The Chester Book of Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs Easy Chester £10.99
Traditional The Joy of Nursery Rhymes Easy Music Sales £9.99
British Music and Patriotic
Various Celebration of British Music Wise £9.99
Various Land of Hope and Glory Intermediate Piano Faber £7.99
Various Play Merrie England Easy Faber £4.50
Various Spirit of England, The 25 English Classics arr. Bolton
Various Complete Piano Player - The War Years ed Kenneth Baker Wise £10.99
Folk Songs, National Songs and Anthems for easy piano
Various National Anthems Collection, The Portland Publ £1.50
Franklin Pike Easiest Tune Book of National Airs Ashdown £3.50
Various Tour Round the World Forsyth £1.95
European European Folksong Journey B&H £3.50
Various In 80 Songs around the World Schott £9.00
American In the Spirt of 76 - Patriotic Songs and Marches of America for Piano Schirmer £1.00
American Let's Play…Songs of America Easy Fentone £2.75
American Marches and Airs from Early America Easy McFee £3.25
Heumann, Hans Gunter Bonjour La France Very Easy Schott £4.99
France Folk-Songs from China Curwen £2.00
France Let's Play Songs of France Easy Fentone £2.75
France Play Romantic Paris Easy Faber £4.50
Germany Play Romantic Germany Easy Faber £4.50
Italy Play Romatic Italy easy Faber £4.50
Vienna Play Romatic Vienna Easy Faber £4.50
Irish Selected Irish Pieces Easy Fentone £4.50
Trad Simplest Irish Folk Music Gr 1-2 Easy Spartan £3.99
Trad Collection of Irish Solos Fentone £4.50
Trad Allan's Irish Pianist Mozart Allan £8.99
Trad Let's Play… Songs of Ireland Easy Fentone £3.75
Seafaring Let's Play…Songs of the Sea Easy Fentone £3.50
Hebrew Hebrew Favourites Easy £3.25
Persian Easy Piano Pieces on Persian Folksongs Easy Barenreiter £7.95
Scottish Let's Play… Songs of Scotland Easy Fentone £2.75
Russian Anthologies
Boosey & Hawkes Solo Piano Collection Russian Masters for intermediate pianist B&H £9.99
FILM and TV Music
Various 100 Years of Popular Music - 20's Vol 1 Piano, voice, guitar Chords IMP £16.99
Various Advertising the Classics arr Roy Slack Leonard, Gould & Bolttler £2.50
Various Advertising the Classics Book 2 arr Roy Slack Leonard, Gould & Bolttler £2.20
Various Advertising the Classics Book 4 arr. Cotton Leonard, Gould & Bolttler £2.50
Various Castaway Classics Book 2 Gr 4-5 Spartan £4.95
Various Castaway Classics Book 1 Gr 3-4 Spartan £5.60
Disney Disney Collection Hal Leonard £18.99
Various Essential Film Collection Intermediate Piano Faber £10.99
Various Great Songs From Warner Brother Movies PVG WB £18.99
Various MiniBumper Book of Film Music Vol 1 PVG IMP £14.99
Various Movie, 1990 - 2000, Remember the 90's PVG Warner Bros £14.99
Various Pop Go the Classics Vol 2 arr. Oxford Portland Publ £2.25
Various Pop Go the Classics Encore! arr. Frazer Portland Publ £2.95
Various Radio Days - Friday Night is Music Night Great Tunes from TV and Film Wise £5.50
Various Radio Days - Music While you work Radio Themes Wise £5.50
Dance Music for Piano
Boosey & Hawkes Solo Piano Collection Ballet for intermediate pianist B&H £9.99
Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Offenbach, etc Waltz Transcr. Dalmaine Warren Phillips £1.50
Mozart, Beethoven The Classic Dances CMP £2.00
arr. Harris Folk Songs and Country Dances   Bk 1 Warren Phillips £1.00
arr. Harris Folk Songs and Country Dances   Bk 2 Warren Phillips £1.00
Various World's favorite Songs and Dances of Latin America Ashley £9.99
Various Latin American Song Book Wise £14.99
Various Album of Easy Waltzes Barenreiter £8.50
Various Volkstanzbuchlein fur Klavier Schott £2.00
Opera arrangements for easy Piano (and Musicals)
Heumann, Hans Gunter Die Freischutz With Story and Pictures Easy Bosworth £4.80
Heumann, Hans Gunter Zie Zauberflote With Story and Pictures Easy Bosworth £5.45
Various Italian opera Fun arr. Carson Turner, Easy Novello £3.99
Various Easy Piano Collection OPERA GOLD With CD Easy Chester £10.99
Various Classical Soft and Slow Themes from Opera Kevin Mayhew £4.99
Various Easy Piano Collection Opera Gold with CD Chester £10.99
Sullivan HMS Pinafore Selection Easy to Play Trb'd Margery Dawe Cramer £1.00
Sullivan The Yeoman of the Guard Easy to Play Chappell £1.00
Sherman Mary Poppins Piano Selection Easy to Play Disney £0.50
Loewe Camelot Easy to Play Tatty Chappell £1.00
Kander Cabaret (Medley) Easy to Play old £0.50
Pop for Easy Piano
Various Songs you Think You Know arr. Stephen Clark IMC £16.99
Various TV Theme Fun Novello £3.99
Various Favourite Pops Easy Piano Bk 1 Chappell £2.95
Various Fun Music for Piano Easy Chappell £2.25
Really Easy Piano Chart Hits , Spring/Summer2017 easy Wise £8.99
Really Easy Piano 50 Hit Songs pop to Jazz classics Easy Wise £14.99
Sondheim Sondheim Songs Easy Hal Leonard £10.99
James Horner The Definitive James Horner Collection IMP £9.99
Various Classical Pops Fun arr. Carson Turner, Easy Novello £3.50
Various TV Theme Fun arr. Carson Turner, Easy Novello £3.99
Various Master Class Repertoire & Conversations Vol 1 Easy, with CD HMP £12.25
Various Master Class Repertoire & Conversations Vol 2 Easy, with CD HMP £12.50
Various Master Class Repertoire & Conversations Vol 3 Easy, with CD HMP £12.25
Various Themes from the Soaps IMP £3.95
Various Gradations, 33 pieces on the innocent side easy B&H £6.99
Classical Favourites arranged for the piano
Heumann, Hans Gunter Children's Classic Piano 1 Easy & very easy Bosworth £6.99
Heumann, Hans Gunter Children's Classic Piano 3 easy to Moderately advanced Bosworth £3.55
arr. Judd Music for School Assembly (Marches) Easy Bosworth £2.50
Various Eleven March Melodies arr Johnson Fentone £7.75
Various Golden Hours, Great Composers IMP £3.95
Various Ten Easy Tunes Fentone £3.95
Various First Year Piano Classics Book 2 Lengnick £1.00
Various Standard Series Book 10 Easy Prowse £2.50
Various Classic Experience Encores arr Lanning, Easy Cramer £8.99
Various Classic Experience Encores Easy to play classics Cramer £5.99
Various Wedding Music for Piano arr. Moore Kevin Mayhew £8.99
Various Klassik Wunschkonzert arrangements of classics Schott £9.99
Various Piano Music for young players UE £7.95
Various Piano Literature of 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries Book 5b Summy-Birchard £5.99
Schubert, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Brahms, Schumann etc Celebrated Songs for Piano Golden hours EMI Publ. £3.95
Schubert, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Brahms, Schumann etc Great Composers Golden hours EMI Publ. £3.95
Light and Jazzy Graded pieces Graded light pieces are on the Piano Teaching List
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