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Wind Only
(No Piano)            
Besozzi Sonata in C for Oboe and Bassoon   Ob, Bsn   Nova 155 £1.50
Jiggery Folkery Traditional Folk Tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales   Fl, cl   Spartan Press 290 £6.99
Morigi Duetto   ob, bsn     210 £1.80
Thompson 3 Duets (on Well-known Tunes)   Fl, cl Easy Pavane   £3.99
Beethoven Trio for 2 Oboes and Cor Anglais Op 87 2 Ob, cor Angl   B&H   £1.75
Mozart Divertimento 2 KVA 229/2 2 Cl, Bsn   B&H   £3.95
Taylor, Paul Arden Carry on Bach   Ob, cl, bsn   Emerson   £4.50
Schubert Trio for 3 clarinets   3 cl   Galliard   £3.50
Civil, Alan If you were the only girl in the world   4 horns   Broadbent & Dunn   £8.95
Delibes music from the Ballet - Delibes   4 parts,(Fl, ob, cl, horn)   Middle Eight   £2.50
Dussek Rondo, for Woodwind Quartet   Cl, ob(or cl), cl, bsn   Belwin Mills 53 £3.50
Rae, James Introducing Clarinet Quartets     Beginners UE 21312 £9.75
Rossini Six Quartets Vol 2 (4 - 6)   Fl, cl, cor, bsn   Schott 3165 £10.99
Agay Five Easy Dances for Woodwind Quintet   Fl, Cl, Ob, Bsn, Cor Easy Theodore   £7.65
Amos, Keith 5 Victorian Dances for wind quintet   Fl, Cl, Ob, Bsn, Cor Easy Amos   £4.50
Essex, Kenneth Wind Quintet   Fl, Cl, Ob, Bsn, Cor Score only Hinrichsen 374 £5.00
Gesualdo Three Madrigals arr. Wind quintet   Fl, Cl, Ob, Bsn, Cor   iMC 3474 £8.75
Lees, Benjamin Two Miniatures   Fl, cl, ob, bsn, cor & score B&H   £3.75
Mozart String Quartet in Bb "The Hunt" K458 Fl, cl, ob, bsn, cor   Emerson   £13.75
Regner Eine Kleine Waldmusik   Ob, cl, 2 cor, bsn   Wolfenbuttel 103 £4.99
Standford Suite Francaise for wind quintet   Fl, Cl, Ob, Bsn, Cor   Novello   £3.00
Wind with Piano              
Beethoven Trio for Piano, Flute, Bassoon Wo037 Fl, Bsn, pf   Henle 343 £7.15
Graupner Trio in C   Cl, bsn/vc, pf   Nova 222 £2.80
Lees, Benjamin Three Variables for winds, horn, piano     Score only B&H   £4.50
Mozart Quintet in Eb for piano and wind KvV452 Pf, ob, cl, cor, bsn   Hinrichsen 737 £7.50