Recorder Ensemble Music
Composer Title Op no Notes Publisher Price
Collections of Pieces
Zeidler, Franz Baroque Recorder Music 2 descants Mel Bay £3.50
Rosenberg, Steve, ed. Recorder Consort 2, The B&H £8.50
Rosenberg, Steve, ed. Recorder Consort 4, The B&H £11.25
Murry, Dom, arr. Recorder Consorts for 4 & 5 recs Kevin Mayhew £15.95
Duos, collections
arr Bergmann 14 Duets Faber £0.50
arr. Bergmann Accent on Melody Faber £1.50
Barenreiter Classic Hits 2 treble recorders Barenreiter £7.50
Hunt, Donington, arr. Duets for Treble Recorders 2 trebles OUP £1.50
Davey, ed Duets for Recorders Davey £3.50
Davey, ed Duets for Recorders Vol 1 Davey £4.99
Davey, ed Duets for Recorders Vol 2 Davey £4.50
Davey, ed Duets for Recorders Vol 3 Davey £4.50
Robinson Duettissimo Duos Barenreiter £7.95
Ronald Binge Elizabethan Serenade Asherberg £1.00
Fearing Folk-song and shanty Duets Leslie Music Sup £1.40
Friedrichsen, J>M> Grandfather's Duets Book 1 2 alto recorders Nova £2.50
Fortin Happy Music desc Doblinger £3.50
Franklin Pike, E. Hymns Book 1 Ashdown £0.75
Waddington, Patricia Play them together (rounds) Piper £1.00
Patrick, David Playing Doubles Vol 1 Fentone £3.95
Patrick, David Playing Doubles Vol 2 Fentone £3.95
De Haske Top Hits Duo Book 1 De Haske £5.99
Duos A-Z by Composer
Bach, Haydn, Handel, Mozart… Short Pieces by the Master 2 Sop. Recs Heinrichshofen £4.99
Bloodworth, Denis (ed.) Six Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virg. Bk 2 descants OUP
Boismortier Premier Suite 2 Recs OUP £2.00
Harris, Paul Zoo Time 2 Recs Queen's Temple £4.99
Monkemeyer Rhaw - bicinia gallica et latine 2 recs (var. combos Heinrichshofen £7.65
Stravinsky, Igor Lullaby (from Rake's Progress) des and alto    B & H £0.50
Collections of Pieces
Arr Bermann Accent on Rhythm Des, treb, ten Faber £1.95
Videla, arr. Aires Y Danzas del Alto Barroco 2 desc, trev/ten Barry £1.25
Barenreiter Cowboy Songs 3 desc. (or flutes) Barenreiter £4.99
Nova Getting together Easy Trio Nova £2.85
Various Music of the Royal Court Sop1, 2/alto, alto/tenor Belwin Mills £2.50
Tennison arr. Musicke for Rechorders, Court Ayres Vol 1 Des, treb, ten Hansen House £3.50
arr. Burakoff Musick from Olde England Sop, alto, optional tenor Sweet Pipes £2.25
Noble arr. Oxford Books of Recorder Music, Trios 2 desc, treb/ten OUP £2.50
Noble arr. Oxford Books of Recorder Music, Book 6, Trios 2 desc, treb/ten OUP £2.50
Noble arr. Oxford Books of Recorder Music, Book 8, Trios 2 desc, treb/ten OUP £2.25
Marshall, arr. Music for Recs, 9 recorder trios desc, treb, ten OUP £2.50
Stent Tunes for Three 3 treb Kevin Mayhew £5.99
Various 10 Cross-Channel Tunes for Rec. Ensemble S.S/A.A/T OUP £3.95
Bach, J.S. Andante from Trio Sonata in D minor treb/ten/p (or ob/viol. OUP £2.95
Bateson Nightingale, The SSA Recs Loux £1.30
Beethoven Allegro for a Flute Clock desc, treb, ten OUP £2.15
Boismortier Sonata in F Major for 3 recorders Schott £2.35
Britten Alpine Suite 2 desc, treb/ten B&H £3.75
Clerambault Suite for Recorder Trio Tr, t, B Faber £3.50
Couperin Les Fauvetes Plaintives desc, treb, ten UE £1.50
Diabelli (arr Winters) Diabelli Suite S.S.A/T Chappell £0.95
Dolmetch 3 Chansons desc. Treb, ten UE £1.75
Dolmetsch Three Chansons desc, treb, ten UE £1.75
Farago Ten Hungarian Children's Songs Barenreiter £5.60
Fitzwilliam 6 Fitzwilliam Pieces (arr. Owen Swindale) 2 trebs/ten or v.v. OUP £1.50
Gubby, Roy Suite for threee recorders treb.tenor and bass B&H £1.60
Handel, G.F. Fughetta in F desc, treb, ten OUP £1.95
Handel/Corelli 2 christmas pieces (ed. Colin Hand) desc, desc, treb. OUP £1.65
Handel/Purcell Trios for Recorder treb, treb, bass OUP £1.95
Haydn, Joseph Flotenuhrstucke (arr. E. Schaller) 3 recorders Doblinger £3.00
Holborne 2 Fantasies in 3 Parts desc, treb, ten Nova £2.20
Hook Trio for 3 flutes desc, treb, ten UE £1.60
Hook 3 Trios for 3 Recorders 3 trebles Amadeus £8.50
Hook Trio in D   (ed Fritz Spiegle) various combinations OUP £2.25
Jenkins Fantasy No 1 UE £1.95
Joplin Beckett Blues desc. Treble and tenor E J Arnold £5.95
Joplin, arr. Bonsor The Easy Winners desc,treb, (piano) Schott £4.55
Lassus, Vic and Palest. 3 part vocal compositions des, tenor, bass Ricordi £2.75
Lawrance Winners Galore for Recorder Trio 2 desc, treb/ten Brass Wind £6.95
Martini Gavotte S/A. A/T, /T. Loux Music £4.25
Morley Joy Doth So Arise S.S.T. Loux Music £1.30
Morley 3-Part Canzonettas (11) S.S.A. Peters £4.20
Mozart 6 Movements from Mozart Divertimenti S. S/A, A/T. Cramer £2.95
Quantz Minuet 3 desc.    B & H £0.75
Schlick 5 Pieces S.A.T. Ass. Mus. Pubs £1.50
Schwertberger Mississippi-Suite S.A.T. Doblinger £2.30
Stoker Little Dance Suite S. A/T.T Ricordi £2.75
Ward Go, Wailing Accents S.S.A. Loux Music £1.30
Winter+103:139 Ross Winter's Recorder Pack - Starters S.S.A/T Nova £3.50
Air from the Water Music (Handel) Fentone £6.20
Amazing Grace Assembly Fentone £3.95
Blue Tailed Fly, The Fentone £6.25
Carillon, Flowers and Gom Fentone £3.95
Entertainer, The Fentone £6.50
Folk Times Two Fentone £6.60
Haydn' Seek (Haydn) Fentone £6.75
Home on the Range Fentone £6.60
Largo (New World - Dvorak) Fentone £6.50
Little Brown Jug Fentone £6.65
Marching with Handel Fentone £6.50
Minuet in G (Beethoven) Fentone £6.00
Minuets (Music for the Royal Fireworks) - Handel Fentone £6.50
Minute Waltz, The - Chopin Fentone £5.00
Moon River - Henry Mancini Fentone £3.95
Morning (from Peer Gynt' Suite - Grieg Fentone £6.75
Morning Has Broken Fentone £5.00
Musical Joke, A. - Mozart Fentone £3.95
My Grandfather's Clock, Henry Clay Work Fentone £3.95
Old MacDonald's Teatime Jam Fentone £3.95
Oliver - Lionel Bart Fentone £3.95
Pavan for the Earl of Salisbury, A. - Byrd Fentone £6.75
Santa Lucia Fentone £6.00
Summer Place, A. - Steiner Fentone £3.95
Wheels (Norman Petty) Fentone £3.95
When Sunny Gets Blue (Segal and Fisher) Fentone £3.95
Windmill in Old Amsterdam Fentone £3.95
Yellow Rose of Texas, The. Fentone £6.00
Quartets- Arrangements
Lee, Patricia James & Giant Peach, Charlie& Choc Fact. Desc. Treb.ten,bass IMP 3,95
Nicholas Marshall 9 Rec. Quartets from Fitzwilliam Vir. Book S.S.A.T. OUP £1.65
Dolmetch Consorts from 4 Nations Universal £1.25
Heidi Brunner Happy Days are here again/tea for two S.A.T.B. Universal £7.95
McKernon Jazz Triptych for Recorder Quartet Schott £9.99
Taylor, S. Kings Morisco, The & Giles Farnaby's Dream S.A.T.B. Curwen £1.00
Dolmetch Light Classics Universal £2.70
James Carey Mississippi Pictures S.A.T.B. Fentone £6.10
James Carey Mock Baroque - Suite of 20th Century Dances S.A.T.B. Fentone £6.95
James Carey Raise your Hats S.A.T.B. Fentone £6.99
Britten & Holst. (Ed) Recorder Pieces from 12th - 20th century B & H £1.25
John Pitts Recorder Quartets S.A.T.B. Chester £8.99
James Carey Two French dances S.A.T.B. Fentone £5.75
Philip Evry Winter Wonderland S.A.T.B. IMP £1.25
Quartets - A-z by composer
Albeniz, Isaac Spanish Tango (Ross Winter arr) S.A.T.B. Nova £2.00
Bach, J.S. 7 Chorales S.S.A.A. Universal £1.75
Bach, J.S. 12 Advent andChristmas Chorals Recorder Quartet Barenreiter £3.10
Bach, J.S. Siciliano, from 2nd Flute Son (arr Evry) S.A.T.B. IMP £1.75
Bradford Robinson, J. Show Tunes S.A.T.B. Barenreiter £8.95
The Queenes Alman and Galliard T.T.T.B. Faber £1.50
Doppelbauer, Rupert Diventimento in E minor S.A.T.B. Universal £1.75
Foster, S. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair S.A.T.B. Loux Music £2.00
Gabrieli, Andrea Ricercaria Quattro, Nos 6 and 7 S.A.T.B. Schott £3.30
Genzmer, Harald Quartettino S.A.T.B. Schott £4.00
Hand, Colin The Hallam Suite S.A.T.B. Nova £4.00
Handel, G.F. Messiah S.A.T.B. Bosworth £9.95
Handel, G.F. Royal Fireworks Music S.A.T.B. (plus timps) Doblinger £11.25
Handel, G.F. March Scipio (Class. Recorder Series) S.A.T.B. MSM £0.80
Handel, G.F. Overture for St Cecilia's Day S.A.T.B. Faber £6.95
Head, Michael Suite for Recorders or Pipes S.A.T.B. B & H £2.75
Lawes, William The Royal Consort S.S.A.T. Universal £1.95
Lee, Patricia James & Giant Peach/Charl.& Choc fact. S.A.T.B. IMP £4.25
Martini, P.G. Air S.A.T.B. Loux Music £5.75
Marinovici, Cesar Folk Dances of E. Europe and Asia - 1 S.S.A.A. Moeck £2.75
Miller, Glenn Moonlight Serenade S.A.T.B. De Haske £10.99
Mozart (arr. Whitney) Mozart Rides Again A.A.A/T.T. Loux Music £4.80
Gordon, Christopher A Mozart Suite S.S.A.T. Janus Music £2.25
Gordon, Christopher A second Mozart Suite S.S.A.T. Janus Music £2.25
Pachelbel Canon in D T.T.T.B. Loux Music £1.70
Phelps, J.R. Krummy Kuartet for Krummhorn Konsort Recs/Krummhorns Loux Music £4.25
Pleyel, Ignaz, Joseph Andante and Allegro S.S.A.T. OUP £2.50
Purcell, Henry Second Set of Pieces (The Faerie Queen} S.S.A.B. Schott £1.30
Seiber, Matyas Dance Suite Vol 1 S.A.T.B, Schott £5.35
Seiber, Matyas Dance Suite Vol 2 S.A.T.B. Schott £3.50
Tallis, Thomas 9 Psalm Tunes S.A.T.B. (plus sop) Schott £1.75
Tomkins, Thomas 5 Pavans and 2 Galliards S.A.T.B. Universal £2.75
Wolters, Gerhard To Each His Own Birthday Serenade Book 1 S.A.T.B. Bosworth £3.95
Wolters, Gerhard To Each His Own Birthday Serenade Book 2 S.A.T.B. Bosworth £3.95
Work, H.C. Grandfather's Clock S/A.A.T.B. Loux Music £1.55
Adson, John 2 Courtly Masquing Ayres S.A,A.T.B. OUP £1.95
Bassano, A. Royal Wind Music, Pavans and Galliards Vol 1 S.A.A/T.T.B. Nova £2.50
Brade, William Pavan, Galliard and Coranta 1609 S.S.A.T.B. Chester £2.25
Byrd, etc. Five English Consort Pieces 5,6,7 parts Faber £5.99
Byrd, William Fantazia, No 1 arr. 6 recorders Faber £3.75
Byrd, William Fantazia, No 2 arr. 6 recorders Faber £3.60
Byrd, William The Bells arr. 7 recorders OUP £2.95
Coleman and Lanier Royal Wind Music, 2 Suites Vol 2 S.S.S/A,A/T,B. Nova £2.00
Colin Evans Sun Dance Suite 3 rec. plus orchestra B&H £11.25
Dolmetch Three May Madrigals S.S/A,A/T.T.B. Universal £2.50
Elgar Chanson de Matin S.A.A.T.B. Novello £4.95
Gesualdo, Carlo Ave, Dulcessima Maria S.A.T.T.B. Loux Music £4.90
Holborne, A. 2 Quintets S.A.T.T.B. OUP £1.50
Joplin (arr. Davis) A Scott Joplin Album S.S.A.T.T.B Novello 12,95
Joseph A. Loux, Jr. Three Jacobean Dances (c. 1620) S.S/A,A/T.T.B. Loux Music £5.95
Locke, Matthew 4 pieces from music for H.M. Sacks&Corn. S.A.A.T.B. OUP
Purcell, Henry In Nomine 2 arr. 7 recorders Faber £1.60
Richard Nicholson Three Consort Pieces S.S.A.T.B. B&H £1.50
Ross Winter Morning has broken (Easy Class) S.S.A.T.T. Nova £4.00
Susato, Tylman Six Dances from "The Danserye" stt/ 7 recorders OUP £3.50
Warlock, Peter Capriol Suite S.A.A.T.T/B. B&H £4.00
Warlock, Peter Capriol Suite S.A.A.T.T.B. B&H £6.50
School recorder groups, with Piano
Bergman, ed. 60 Daily Hymns, Vol 3, Full Score voice,rec. keyboard Faber £1.50
Marlowe A Taste of Honey Desc, treb, ten, pf Davey £3.50
Handel Acis and Galatea Desc & treb, pf Galliard £2.00
Gubby, Roy Air and Rumba des and alto (& piano) B & H £0.65
Porter Begin the Beguine Desc. Treb, ten, pf score & parts Chappell £1.95
Jacob, Gorder Brother James's Air 2 Descants (& piano) OUP £0.70
Lloyd Webber, Andrew Cats des/treb/piano Faber £4.95
Litolff Classic pieces (ed. Wohlgemuth) des/treb/piano Peters £5.00
Appleby & Fowler Descant Duos, with Piano OUP £2.25
Debussy (arr. Benoy) En Bateau 2 Des. & P (op treble) OUP £2.95
Bonsor Fiesta Desc, treb, ten, pf Schott £5.60
Roelcke Folklore 4 2 treb, & part 3 ad lib UE £5.75
Russell-Smith, G. Hobby Horses 2 desc and piano Mills Music £2.50
Handel (arr Salkeld) Larghetto from 'Alcina' 2 Des. Strings & Piano OUP £1.00
Wastall and Hyde Latin Lollipops p. accomps 2 descant recorders,pf B & H £2.95
Vaughan Williams, R. Linden Lea 2 desc and piano B & H £1.00
Davies, Ivor R. London Roundabout (canon) 2 Recs/violins (& piano B & H £1.50
M. Burnett (arr.) Match of the Day and others Recs. Xylos. Etc. Chappell £2.75
Norton Microjazz for Recorder Group Desc 1&2, Treb/Alto, pf B&H £5.50
Grainger Mock Morris 3 recs, pf Schott £3.80
Chesterian Series More Easy Pieces by Classical Composers 2 recorders (& piano) Chester
Dolmetsch Music from Shakespeare's plays 2 desc (or treb & ten), pf Universal £3.25
Music Sales My Very First Recorder Songbook Duets/ensemble Music Sales £1.50
Dinn, Freda Playing for Pleasure Book 1 2 Des. Violin and piano Schott £1.65
Dinn, Freda Playing for Pleasure Book 2 2 Des. Violin and piano Schott £1.75
Weinberger, Jaromir Polka from "Schwanda the Bagpiper" 2 desc and piano B & H £1.00
Recorder Magic Recorder Magic: Classical Stars 1 4 desc, pf, & CD A&C Black £24.99
Recorder Magic Recorder Magic: Christmas Stars 4 desc, pf, & CD A&C Black £24.99
Recorder Magic Recorder Magic: Romantic Stars 4 desc, pf, & CD A&C Black £24.99
Winters, Ross Recorder Pack SSAT, pf Nova £3.50
Fortin and Heidecker Roundabout - Time and Rhythm No 5 S.A. Piano (percussion) Universal £5.99
Bonsor Simple Samba Desc 1, 2, treb, pf Schott £6.75
Dvorak Slavonic Dance no 10 Desc, treb, ten, pf Schott £1.60
Dvorak Slavonic Dance No 8 Desc, treb, ten, pf Faber £4.99
Foster Slow Waltz and Calypso Des, Treble, Per. Piano OUP £1.50
Bonsor Tango Desc, treb, ten, pf Schott £2.80
Joplin The Entertainer 3 recs, pf Amadeus £7.50
Ireland, John The Holy Boy (from preludes for piano) 2 desc and piano B & H £0.50
Bonsor Three into Five Recs, piano Schott £3.10
Strauss (arr. Bonsor) TritschTratsch Polka des and alto (& piano) Schott £3.45
Bonsor Two French Tunes: No 2 Tambourin Desc 1&2, treb, glock, perc, pf Schott £3.55
Rachmaninov, arr. Bonsor Vocalise des/treb/ten & piano Schott £4.35
Score only, no separate parts
Trad Brother James' Air arr. Jacob 2 Desc, pf OUP £1.00
Byrd, William The Bells Score. Rec. Septet OUP £2.95
Handel Music for Royal fireworks S.S.A.T.B. OUP £1.50
Trad Hurry, Little Pony Voices, recs, perc, pf OUP £1.75
Dvorak Slavonic Dance no 8 Score only: desc, treb, ten, pf Faber £2.50
Trad Ten Traditional Songs Desc, voice, pf Novello £1.00
Odd Ensembles
Bonsor, Brian Second Hbeguine Recs/violins etc. Schott £1.45
Cowles Blow Out - 2 Renaissance Dances variable Wind/Brass Fentone £13.95
Dale Five Folk Songs Rec and Clarinet Feldman £0.20
Diabelli A Diabelli Suite (arr. G. Winters) Score variable Wind/Brass Chappell £3.50
Franz Schubert Marche Militaire (arr Colin Hand) Recorder ensemble Schott £2.20
Nevel, Paul van, Frutti Musicali, "De tous biens plaine" 3/4 parts - recorders Barenreiter £8.90
Purcell Rondeau from Abdelazr Arr. For group playing OUP £0.95
Roe, Betty 7 tunes from the Cecil Sharp Collections recorders and guitar Novello £0.35
Telemann, G.P. Concerto in E minor score Rec/Fl/and strings Barenreiter £7.60
Winters, arr. Cowboy Suite Recs/strings/percuss. Unitersal £2.50