TUBA Music
B&H The Complete B & H Scale Book B&H £4.95
Trinity/Guildhall Bass Clef Brass Scales & Exercises Gr 1-8 Trinity Guildhall £5.99
Sparke Scales and Arpeggios for Baritone & Euphonium bass Clef Studio Music £2.90
ABRSM Scales and Arpeggios for Tuba, Bass Clef Gr 1-8 ABRSM £3.25
Tutor books
Frazer Abracadabra Brass Treble Clef Edition A&B Black £8.99
Wastall Learn as you play Tuba B&H £8.99
Kopprasch, C. 60 Selected Studies Book 1 Hofmeister £5.50
Nightingale, M Easy Jazzy 'tudes - tuba bass clef Warwick Music £10.25
Johnson, S. The Tuneful Tuba - 8 graded studies Brasswind £1.95
Collections of Pieces
Lawrence, P. 75 Easy Winners, Tuba bass clef Brasswind £6.99
Wilson Smith, C. All Jazzed Up - Tuba (F/Eb horn, Eb bass) Brasswind £6.25
arr. Wekselblatt First Solos for the Tuba Player Schirmer £7.75
Fletcher, John Just Bass, Tuba Solos Vol 1 Chester £4.95
Various Keynotes, Album for Eb hass/tuba bass clef Brasswind £3.99
Various Topline, Album for Eb Bass/Tuba treble clef Brasswind £4.50
A-Z by composer
Bozza, E. Prelude et Allegro (various instr. Incl. Tuba) Leduc £4.40
Bozza, E. Allegro et Finale (various instr. Inclu. Tuba) Leduc £1.50
Barat, J. Ed. Intro. & Serenade (var. instru. Inclu. Tuba) Leduc £3.00
Catelinet, Philip Legend (Tuba or Baritone, or Euphonium) ABRSM £1.20
Clark, Nigel Sketches from Don Quixote, Tuba and Piano bass clef Brasswind £4.95
Gabaye. P. Tubabillage (various instr. Including Tuba) Leduc £6.20
Jacob, Gordon Tuba Suite B & H £6.95
Lemaire, Jean 3 exercises de style (var. instr. Incl. Tuba) Leduc £1.00
Pergolesi Canzona Bass clef Jack Spratt £1.70