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Viola Music


SCALES, sightreading

AB Scales 1 -5   Viola AB 4.25
  Scales and Arpeggios   Viola Paxton 2.25
Blackwell Viola Time Scales   Viola OUP 6.95
Watson Forbes Scales and Arpeggios Book 1 viola OUP 2.95
Watson Forbes Scales and Arpeggios Book 3 viola OUP 3.25
AB Spec Sightreading 1-5   viola AB 5.99
AB Prep Test   viola AB 1.95
TUTOR BOOKS          
Applebaum First Prog. For Strings   piano Acc. Maecenas 5.60
Applebaum First Prog. For Strings   Score Maecenas 6.00
Blackwell Viola Time Sprinters   piano Acc. OUP 7.75
Davey, Peter Abracadabra Viola Book 1 viola A and C Black 5.99
Dawe, Margery New Road to String Play. Book 1 Viola Cramer 3.50
Dinn, Freda A viola method   Viola Schott 2.25
Dobbins, Jan Strngs in Step Book 1 viola OUP 8.75
Isaac, Burton String Method   Viola Mills Music 3.50
Isaac, Burton String Method Book 1 piano Acc. Mel Bay 3.50
Kievman, Louis Intro to Strings   viola Kelton Pubs 3.50
Sheila Nelson Essential String Methods Book 1 Viola B and H 5.99
Stuen-Walker, Elizabeth Clef Reading     Sumy-Birchard 5.50
Sussmanshaus Early Start on the Viola Book 2 viola Barenreiter 9.00
Sussmanshaus Early Start on the Viola Book 3 viola Barenreiter 9.00
Sussmanshaus Early Start on the Viola Book 4 viola Barenreiter 9.00
  A Tune a Day   viola Boston Music 4.95
  All for Strings Book 1 viola Music Sales 3.95
  Essential Elements -2000   Viola Hal Leanard 6.99
  Team Strings   viola IMP 5.99
Viola Studies          
Applebaum Early Etudes for Strings   part of group system Belwin 2.00
Applebaum Early Etudes for Strings   Score Belwin 2.50
Bruni 25 Studies     IMC 5.50
Carse, Adam V. School of Prog. Studies Book 1 viola Stainer & Bell 5.75
Carse, Adam V. School of Prog. Studies Book 2 viola Stainer & Bell 6.00
Carse, Adam V. School of Prog. Studies Book 4 viola Stainer & Bell 6.00
Carse, Adam V. School of Prog. Studies Book 5 viola Stainer & Bell 2.00
Dancla 20 Etudes Brillantes Op 73   Peters 8.75
Fiorillo 31 Selected Studies   viola International 10.25
Fischbach & Frost Viva Vibrato viola Kjos Music Company4.50
Flor, Samuel The Positions   viola Elkan 2.20
Kayser, 36 Studies, Opus 43   viola Kalmus 5.00
Kinsey Studies for viola Set 1 viola AB 1.00
Kinsey El. Prog. Studies for viola Set 3 viola AB 4.99
Kreuz, E. Select Studies for Viola Book 1 viola Stainer & Bell 2.75
Kreuz, E. Select Studies for Viola Book 2 viola Stainer & Bell 4.25
Kreuz, E. Select Studies for Viola Book 3 viola Stainer & Bell 4.50
Kreuz, E. Select Studies for Viola Book 4 Viola Stainer & Bell 2.80
Rode 24 Caprices   viola Peters 8.00
Schradieck School of Technique Book 3 viola Cranz 2.00
Stott, Rachel Position Perfect   viola Fountayne 7.99
Wohlfahrt 60 Studies, Opus 45   viola Peters 9.50
Wolfart Foundation Studies for Viola Bk 1   Fischer 7.50
Woof, Rowsby 30 studies of Mid Diff.   viola AB 1.75
Woof, Rowsby 50 Elementary studies   viola AB 1.75
Collections of Pieces          
Palmer, E. 20 tunes for beginners   V only OUP 0.95
Lovell, Joan 44 Easy Tunes   V & P OUP 1.40
Ferguson, J. 5 Irish Folk-Tunes   Viola OUP 0.50
Slack, R Advertising the Classics Book 1 viola MSM 0.80
Slack, R Advertising the Classics Book 2 viola MSM 1.00
Various Album of 6 Pieces   V and P International 8.25
Various Alte Meister fur junge Spieler   V and P Schott 7.50
 Various Alte Music for Viola   V and P EMB 3.95
arr. Classens Alto classique L' Vol 1   Ed. Combre 16.50
arr. Harrison Amazing Solos for Viola     B&H 9.99
ed. Sassmannshaus Barenreiter's Viola Collection     Barenreiter 16.50
 Various Barenreiter's Viola Collection Piano Accompt only   14.50
Watson Forbes Chester Music for Viola     Chester 9.99
Radmall, P. Chester String Series Vol 1 V and P Chester 6.99
Watson Forbes Class. And Rom pieces   V and P OUP 11.99
Arr. Jerry Lanning Classic Experience, The, Viola   2 CD's Cramer 12.99
Widger, J. Easy Jazzy Viola   V and P Sparton 5.99
Mackay, N. Easy position tunes for v   V and P OUP 2.50
Cowles, Colin First Finger Patterns   V and P Fentone 4.95
Wilkinson and Hart First Repertoire for Viola Bk 1 Bk 1   Faber 8.99
Wilkinson and Hart First Repertoire for Viola Bk 2 Bk 2   Faber 8.99
Wilkinson and Hart First Repertoire for Viola Bk 3 Bk 3   Faber 8.99
Doktor First Solos for the Viola Player In 1st Position     6.99
Watson Forbes First Year Classical Album for Viola Players, A     OUP 2.25
Bill Bay Fun with the Viola     Mel Bay Pub 2.25
Lumsden and Wedgwood Jackaroo   Fantastical pieces for absolute beginners Faber 6.99
Baker, D, Jungle Adventures   V and P Sparton 4.95
Lumsden and Wedgwood Jurassic Blue   Monstrous pieces for Beginners Faber 6.99
Sheila Nelson Keytunes   Tetratunes series B&H 3.99
Sheila Nelson Keytunes   Tetratunes series B&H 1.25
Klengel Klassische Stucke Vol 2 V and P Peters 4.99
Klengel Klassische Stucke Vol 3 V and P Peters 3.45
ed. May Leichte Originalsatze     Schott 5.50
Lamb and Meredith More Time Pieces for Viola Vol 2 Gr 4-7 ABRSM 7.75
Various Music for Viola 2     EMB 6.50
Jacob, Gordon New Pieces for Viola Bk 1 V and P AB 2.50
  New Pieces for Viola Bk 2 V and P AB 2.50
Stanley Fletcher New Tunes for Strings bk 2     B&H 2.00
Eleanor Murray & Phyllis Tate New viola Books, The , bk 2     OUP 3.95
Eleanor Murray & Phyllis Tate New Viola Books, The , bk 3     OUP 3.00
Rood, L Old Dances   V and P McGinnis 1.90
Scott, D. Play it Again   V and P Faber 3.50
arr. Watson Forbes Popular Pieces   or cello OUP 10.90
Nelson, S Right from the Start   V and P B and H 4.50
Watson Forbes Second Book of Classical Pieces, A     OUP 3.25
Nelson, S Shooting Stars   V only B and H 2.99
Michael Rose Sketchbook for Viola, A   7 moderately easy pieces ABRSM 3.20
ed. Doktor Solos for the Viola Player     Schirmer 9.99
Katherine and High Colledge Stepping Stones     B&H 3.25
Nelson, S Stepping Stones   V only B and H 2.50
Dawe, M. Still more travel tunes   V only Cramer 0.70
Dawe, M. Still more travel tunes   P accom. Cramer 1.50
Nelson, S Technitunes   Viola B and H 2.75
Murrey and Tate The New Viola Books Bk 1 V and P OUP 1.40
Murrey and Tate The New Viola Books Bk 2 V and P OUP 2.75
arr Bass and Harri Time Pieces for Viola Vol 1 gr 1-3 ABRSM 7.25
arr Bass and Harri Time Pieces for Viola Vol 2 Gr 4&5 ABRSM 7.50
Dawe, M. Travel Tunes   V only Cramer 0.95
Murrey and Brown Tunes for my viola   V only B and H 0.95
Murrey and Tate Tunes old and new   V and P OUP 1.99
Vaious Viola Album   V and P Peters 2.30
Nelson, S Waggon Wheels   V only B and H 2.50
Nelson, S  Waggon Wheels     B&H 7.50
Peter Lawrance Winners Galore   45 Well known unaccompanied tunes...easy Brass Wind 7.75
ed. Alan Arnold Young Violist, The Vol 1   Bosworth 4.75
Pieces A-Z by Composer   Viola and Piano unless stated otherwise    
Albeniz, I. Puerta de Tierra, Bolero   Viola and Piano Union Misical Espanola 2,95
Anderson, Leroy Fiddle-Faddle     Viola World 5.99
Angerer Konzert     Doblinger 4.50
Arnold, Malcolm Sonata     Lengnick 2.99
Bach 6 Sonatas and Partitas     Ricordi 9.95
Bach Sonata 1, Partita 1     Peters 1.90
Bach 6 Sonatas Vol 1, nos. 1,2,3   IMC 6.00
Bach Concerto in Eb , viola, strings, Basso Continuo   Piano Reduction Barenreiter 11.50
Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring   tr OUP 2.50
Bach, J.C Concerto in C major     Salabert 11.75
Bach, J.C. Concerto en Ut mineur     Salabert 11.75
Bach. J.S. 6 Suites solo cello arranged solo viola   Viola Solo Peters 12.75
Baervoets,R/ Rhapsodie     Ed. Metropolis 1.50
Barrell, Bernard A Pageant of Pieces     Steiner & Bell 2.20
Bartok, Bela An Evening at the Village Slovak Peasant's Dance     EMB 5.50
Bartok, Bela Roumanian Folk Dances     Viola World 9.99
Beethoven Dance Villageoise     Billaudot 1.10
Beethoven Romance in F Maj Op 50   Augener 1.00
Beetoven 7 Mozart Variations     Peters 2.99
Beetoven Sonata Movement     Novello 3.95
Benjamin, A. Le Tombeau de Ravel   Viola (Cl) & P B&H 4.25
Bennett, R.R. Up Bow, Down Bow     Novello 3.50
Bennett, R.R. 6 country dances     Novello 13.25
Berkeley, Michael Variations on Greek Folk Songs   Viola solo OUP 1.60
Berlioz Harold in Italy     Barenreiter 23.50
Bliss Sonata Movement     OUP 25.00
Block, Robert Paul Fantasy   Viola solo Musica Rara 1.00
Boccherini Sonata in Do minore   Carish 2.25
Bonporti, F.A. 2 inventions     Kunzulman 9.05
Borodin, A. 2 movements from St. Qtet No 2     OUP 2.50
Boyce, William Tempo di Gavotta   V (or C) & P OUP 2.50
Bradford Anderson, M. Prelude & March in canon     B&H 1.90
Brahms Sonata Op 120 no 2   International 10.25
Brahms Sonata No 2 Op 20 V (orC) & P Simrock 3.20
Brahms Hungarian Dances 1 and 3     Peters 3.95
Brahms Scherzo     Viola World 2.50
Brahms Sonata 1, Partita 1 Op 120 /2 Cl or vla & pf Lengnick 4.50
Brahms Sonatensatz, Scherzo Op. Post   IMC 7.99
Brahms Sonata Eb Maj Op 120/2 Cl or Vla, urtext ed. Schott 8.99
Bridge There is a willow grows etc.     Thames Pub. 4.99
Bridge Four Pieces for Viola and Piano     Faber 6.99
Carse Breezy Story, A   !st Position Augener 1.45
Carter, Elliot Pastoral, for English Horn and Piano   incl part for Cl in A Merion Music 7.00
Clarke, Rebecca Sonata     Chester 14.99
Dancla Carnival of Venice     Viola World 4.15
Diabelli Sonatine     Hug 4.25
Dittersdorf, K.D. Concerto en F dur `   Schott 5.40
Dittersdorf, K.D. Andantino in A major     International 1.95
Dodgson,Stephen Four Fancies     Chappell 2.50
Dvorak Sonatina     Viola World 7.25
Eccles Sonata in G minor     Peters 5.99
Elgar Cello Concerto Op 85 arr for Viola Novello 5.50
Elgar Six very easy Pieces Op 22 first position Bosworth 6.99
Elgar, Edward Cello Concerto (mod. Cover)     Novello 19.99
Elgar, Edward Sospiri, Adagio   V or Cello Breitkopf 3.95
Elgar, Edward Salut d'amour     Viola World 3.99
Fauré Apres un Reve     Hamelle 8.40
Fauré for Solo Viola Op 24   IMC 6.99
Fauré Fantasie     Viola World 5.95
Fauré Piece     Alphonse Leduc 3.50
Ferguson Four Short Pieces     B&H 2.00
Finger 2 Sonatas, no 6, in A mi, no 3 iln A maj     Fentone 8.95
Fiocco Allegro     Viola World 3.75
Flackton Drei Sonaten,   no. 2 in D Maj     Doblinger 3.95
Flackton Sonata in G     Schott 3.95
Flackton Sonata in C     Schott 1.99
Flackton Sonata no 4 in C mi     Schott 2.85
Glazunov Serenade Espagnole Op 20   Jobert 3.45
Glinka Viola Sonata in d minor     Musica Rara 4.50
Granados, E. Danza Espanola No 2     UMEspanola 3.00
Granados, E. Danza Espanola No 5     UMEspanola 3.50
Graun Concerto in E flat major     Simrock 4.00
Grazioli, G.B. Sonata in F     Steiner & Bell 3.60
Grechaninoff In Alle Fruhe     Schott 6.75
Hand No 1 Progressive Pieces     Schott 2.95
Handel Concerto for Viola in B flat     OUP 2.99
Handel Concerto for Viola in B flat     Viola World 6.99
Handel Sonata in C     Schott 8.50
Handel Sonata in G mi Op 1 no 6 Ed Pilkington Steiner and Bell 4.99
Handel Sonata !V     Ricordi 4.95
Handel Koncerto in B mi     PWM 10.75
Handel Sonata in D     Viola World 2.50
Haydn Divertimento     Elkan-Vogel Inc 2.80
Haydn Concerto in C major     Doblinger 6.60
Hersschel Hill, A. 2 Pieces for Viola     Stainer & Bell 2.50
Hindemith Sonata Op 25 no 4   Schott 10.80
Hoffmeister Romance in G-dur     Amadeus 13.99
Hoffmeister Cadenza for Viol concerto in D   ed. Knight Strings attached 5.95
Hoffmeister Concerto in D maj     IMC 9.99
Horusitzky Sonata     EMB 3.05
Hummel Potpourri Opus 94   Musica Rara 7.20
Hummel Fantasie     Musica Rara 4.55
Hummel Fantasie     Kunzelmann 14.99
Hummel Sonata     McGinnis&Mar 5.00
Hummel, Bertold Kleine Suite Op 19 c   Simrock 5.50
Hummel, Bertold Sonatina no 2   or cello Simrock 3.30
Ibert, J. Aria     Leduc 5.00
Ilyinsky-Forbes Berceuse     Chester 1.55
Jacob, Gordon Sonatina for viola (or clarinet)   Or clar Novello 1.90
Jacob, Gordon 3 Pieces     Curwen 3.00
Jones, Edward Huws Ten O'Clock Rock     B&H 6.99
Josephs, Wilfred Viola Concerto   Piano Sc. Basil Ramsey 4.00
Joubert Sonate Facile   1st pos'n Martin 7.50
Joubert, John Sonata Op 6   Novello 3.00
Kiel Three Romances Op 69   Breitkopf & Hartel 6.75
Kolb, Barbara Cavatina   Viola solo B&H 3.50
Kreuz, Emil Viola Sonata in d minor     Amadeus 13.35
Larsson, L. 12 Concertini Op 45, No 9   Gehrmans 5.25
Locatelli Sonata in G minor Opus 6, No 12   International 4.05
Lovell, Joan 4 country Sketches     Augener 2.50
Lutyens, Elizabeth Air/dance/ground (Purcell)     Mills Musicq 3.50
Mackay, Neil Easy Pos Tunes for Viola   Viola solo OUP 8.50
Marais Suite lin D maj, 2 movements     Peters 1.15
Marais Five Old French Dances   or cello Chester 9.99
Marais, Marin Fantaisie     Leduc 2.25
Marcello, Bernedetto Sonata in E minor     Steiner and Bell 3.75
Marcello, Bernedetto Sonata in E minor     International 7.50
Marcello, Bernedetto 2 Sonatas No 1 in F maj, No 4 in G minor     International 6.35
Matz, Arnold 8 Studies   Viola solo Peters 3.50
Mendelssohn Sonata in C mi     DVFM 8.95
Milhaud, Darius 4 Visages     Heugel 5.25
Milhaud, Darius 1st Sonata     Heugel 14.35
Minsky 3 American Pieces   Viola solo OUP 7.99
Monti Czardas   arr. A. Arnold Viola World 4.99
Mozart Concerto in A     Barenreiter 12.50
Mozart Concerto in A maj for Viola K622 From Cl concerto Barenreiter 12.00
Mozart, Leopold Concerto for Trombone or Viola     Kunzelmann 4.99
Murrill, Herbert 4 french nursery songs (or cello)     Chester 1.75
Norton Microjazz for Starters viola     B&H 3.50
Norton Microjazz for viola     B&H 4.95
Norton, Christopher Microjazz for Starters     B&H 3.95
Norton, Christopher Microjazz for Viola     B&H 4.95
Novacek Perpetual Motion     Viola World 5.50
O Shenandoah     arr. Waterfield & Beach Faber 7.99
Pachelbel Canon     Th. Presser Co 4.99
Paganini Six Sonatas Book 1   Viola World 3.25
Paganini Moto Perpetuo     International 5.50
Paganini Variations on the G String     Viola World 2.50
Paganini, Niccolo Sonata per la Grand'Viola     Schott 3.60
Part, Arvo Spiegel im Spiegel     Universal 9.99
Part, Arvo Fratres     UE 10.99
Part, Arvo Spiegel im spiegel     UE 7.99
Pepusch Largo iln Allegro in D mi     Broekmans & Van Poppel 1.85
Prokofiev Kije's Wedding     must 4.75
Prokofiev Kije's Wedding     Edition Musicus 4.60
Pugnani Gavotta Variata     Viola World 2.50
Purcell Sonata in G minor (No 6)     OUP 3.60
Putz, Eduard Blues for Benni     Schott 9.50
Rachmaninov, Serge Vocalise     B&H 4.99
Rachmaninov, Serge Romance andScherzo     OUP 3.60
Rainier, P. Sonata     Schott 3.00
Rameau, Jean Philippe Tambourin     OUP 1.99
Ravel, Maurice Pavane pour une infante defunte     Schott 3.50
Rawsthorne, Alan Sonata     OUP 8.75
Reger, Max Suite in E minor   Viola solo Peters 1.60
Reicha, Joseph Concerto in E flat manor Op 2, No 1   Simrock 4.50
Reiding, O. Concerto in B min Op 35   Bosworth 8.99
Reinecke, Carl 3 phantasiestucke Op 43 or vln Amadeus 7.50
Reinecke, Carl 10 Kleine Stucke Op 213   Schott 9.99
Ridout, Alan Seascapes   Easy ABRSM 3.60
Rieding, Oscar Concerto in B mi Op 35   Barenreiter 8.50
Rieding, Oscar Concerto in D maj Op 36 1-3rd pos'n Bosworth 7.99
Roche, Roger Spleen Marcietta     Combre 3.35
Roche, Roger Spleen, Marcietta     Alto Classique, L' 2.50
Rood, Louise Old Dances for young violas   1st pos'n McGinnis & Marx 3.85
Rose, Michael A Sketchbook for Viola     AB 2.20
Satie Gymnopedie no 1     Viola World 4.25
Schubert Sonata in A minor (Arpeggione)     Barenreiter 11.00
Schubert Reverie (and violin)     OUP 1.50
Schubert Litany for All Souls Day   Trans. Primrose Schott 5.50
Schubert Bee, The     Viola World 3.25
Schubert, Joseph Concerto in C major     Schott 5.85
Seiber Elegy for Solo Viola and Small Orchestra     Schott 3.85
Senaillé Sonata in G mi op 5 no 9   Steiner and Bell 4.50
Shostakovitch Romance from the Gadfly   arr Otty SJ Music 4.25
Sibelius Valse Triste Op 44, No 1   Breitkopf 5.10
Sitt Tarantella Op 26 arr A. Arnold Viola World 4.99
Somervell, A. A Lament   Viola Augener 1.00
Sperger, JM Sonata in D dur   Viola and Contrabass Doblinger 9.00
Stahmer Threnos   or cello Simrock 1.25
Stamitz Cadenza for Viola concerto in D Op 1   arr. Knight Strings attached 5.95
Stravinsky Dance of the Princess     MUST 3.99
Svendsen Romanze in G maj Op 26   Peters 11.25
Swain, Freda Song at Evening     Joseph Williams 0.50
Taneiev Albumleaf Op 33   International 4.10
Taniev Albumleaf Op 33   IMC 3.60
Tartini The Devil's Trill     Viola World 5.50
Tartini Sonata Angelique     Viola World 5.50
Tchaikovsky Nocturne in D mi Op 19 no 4   IMC 7.50
Tchaikovsky Melodie     Viola World 2.75
Teleman Concerto in G maj.     Barenreiter 10.50
Teleman Sonata in E-moll     Peters 4.30
Teleman Suite in D     Schott 1.75
Toldra, E La Font     UMEspanola 3.60
Valensin Minuet in G maj     IMC 2.50
Valentine, R Sonata in A minor, No. 5     Schott 1.95
Vanhal Concerto in C major     Barenreiter 9.95
Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Greensleeves   Adapted from opera "Sir John in Love" OUP 7.25
Vaughan Williams Suite for Viola and Ochestra     OUP 4.25
Vaughn Williams Romance     OUP 1.00
Vieuxtemps Elegie     Amadeus 8.25
Vieuxtemps Sonata in Bb maj Op 36   Kunzelmann 17.50
Vieuxtemps Elegie     Amadeus 8.25
Vinci Sonata in D major     International 5.30
Vinci Sonata in D maj     IMC 4.95
Vitali, T. Ciacona - g-moll     Brietkopf 5.50
Vivaldi Concerto in D mi     Schirmer 3.25
Vivaldi. A. Sonata in C     Schott 6.25
Vivaldi. A. Concerto in A major     FrancoColomb 1.00
Vivaldi. A. Concerto in E minor     International 1.05
Voirpy, Yvette Premier Voyage   songs and Popular dances of Europe Lemoine 5.00
Weber Theme and Variations     Eulenburg 3.60
Weber, Carl Maria von Serenata     Schott 1.50
Weber, Carl Maria von Andante e rondo ungarese     Schott 6.05
Weber, Carl Maria von Variations      Peters 4.50
Weber, Carl Maria von Andante e rondo ungarese     International 5.25
Wieniawski Legende     Viola World 3.99
Wieniawski Reverie     PWM 5.99
Wiggins, Christopher Pieces of 8 Op 157   C. Wiggins 8.99
Zucchi Three Serenades Op 3   IMC 8.75
Duets, Trios, etc          
Bach Wachet Auf   arr McLean McLean 4.99
Martin, Joanna ViolaFest Vol 1   Summy-Birchard 9.50
Martin, Joanna Trio Tapestry for Viola     Summy-Birchard 4.99
Handel Arrival of the Queen of Sheba   vln/vla or 2 vlns/vlas, or vln & vla and pf OUP 9.75
Hewitt-Jones Lollipop Man   Easy Duets for Strings Musicland 3.50
Applebaum Duets for Strings Bk 3 2 violas Belwin 3.95
Chedeville l'aine, P.E. Merry Dances   2 violas Ed Hug. 4.95
Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No.1   2 violas Real Musical 2.75
Maconchy, Elizabeth 3 easy duets   2 violas Faber 1.50
Ost - MscLean Fantomen   2 vlas & P Oak Cliff Pub. 3.99
Pachelbel Canon   3 vlas & P Viola World 3.25
Schindlocker, W. 3 Adagios mut Fugen   2 violas Wollenweber 7.50